Cooking oil is a staple in the Filipino homestead and for more than three quarters, there is one brand name that is most often associated with it: Baguio Oil. Interestingly enough, this locally produced cooking oil named after the country's summer capital has its humble beginnings in the heart of Binondo, Manila. And all because of one Chinese family's vision and perseverance.

The Cheng Ban Yek family ran one of the popular retail establishments in the Binondo area during the 1920's, with a store that maintained a large inventory of grocery products. Ever with a keen eye for the latest developments in the retail business sector and a mind to expand to bigger venues, it was during the 1930's when they decided to venture into the burgeoning food manufacturing sector then lorded by multinational companies. In 1932, they established the first locally owned cooking oil factory in the country the International Oil Factory (IOF). And with it, the brand Baguio Oil was born.

Using only the finest ingredients and observing only the strictest standards in production, Baguio Oil was able to compete at that time with foreign coconut cooking oil brands in the country and eventually eased them out of the market. With the help of aggressive marketing and advertising, Baguio Oil captured a lion's share of the market, winning the hearts and minds of Filipino mothers and housewives. The tagline "Order ni Mrs." Became so popular and well-remembered by many that Baguio Oil enjoyed such apt association, making the brand a household name.

It is not often that one comes across a product so blessed. To be medically proven as a truly healthy product while at the same time being a leading consumer choice is definitely more than any manufacturer could ask for. Yet, it is a reality.

With the confidence of a winning product, we now open our doors to our friends on foreign shores and gladly share the jewel that has been the International Oil Factory's legacy. Email us.

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